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Drawing from 16 years of experience working in the educational sphere, I have built up the skills required to effectively provide professional proofreading in Leeds, editing all manner of documents, ranging from CVs to PHDs. As a freelance copywriter in Leeds, I pride myself on my attention to detail, ensuring that sentence structure is correct, grammar and spelling are in check, as well as that tone is consistent throughout. When it comes to making the most of your thesis, novel or dissertation, a fresh set of eyes can prove invaluable and can make all the difference between failure and the achievement of your goals.

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What does proofreading involve?

My service providing professional proofreading in Leeds covers a whole variety of different parts that, when brought together, render your document legible, professional and flowing nicely for the reader. This includes:

  • Consistency of Phrasing
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • Tense Usage
  • Appropriate Sentence Structure
  • Word Alteration

This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to get in touch and discuss what you need with me. Give me a call on 07979 107 792 to talk about your documents or send me an email at







What kind of jobs do I take on?

My professional proofreading in Leeds can be effectively applied to all different kinds of documents. If it’s text-based, I can almost certainly help you improve it. With my background in education, school, college and university-based work comes naturally to me. I work on:

Larger jobs

These are the jobs that can really benefit from a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective. When you’ve spent such a long time writing such a colossal document, you can lose track of the basics as you try to bring everything together. Let me help you with:

  • Dissertations
  • PHDs
  • Novels

Smaller jobs

Often, the smaller documents are the most important. They’re the little pieces of communication that can have a big impact on you getting what you want and getting where you want to be. Presentability and readability can have a huge effect on this.

  • Written Complaints
  • CV's
  • Job Application

If you require professional proofreading in Leeds for any lettering or documentation not mentioned here, please get in contact to discuss things further.







What are the benefits of a proofreader?


Experienced Backing

I have spent time on the “front lines” of the education world. I have seen where improperly proofread documentation has really hampered peoples’ chances at success, in the workplace and in life. A professional set of eyes can make all the difference to success and failure.


The foundation of my work has always been in education. That all started when I was in education myself. I was able to achieve a 1st class degree, a Masters, in Literature, as well as a teaching qualification, indicating that my writing skills were developed early. They haven’t faltered since.


I wouldn’t be much use as a proofreader if I didn’t like reading! I’m an avid reader, on all sorts of topics and themes, fiction and non-fiction. That interest, application and attention to detail carries over to my work, too.






Free Consultation

If you require services for professional proofreading in Leeds, you’re in the right place. Give me a call on 07979 107 792 or send me an email at, to discuss which documents, big or small, need proofreading and I’ll be in touch soon.

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