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As a freelance copywriter in Leeds, I’m well-placed to help you with many different kinds of writing work that you may need. With my background in education, I have a real passion to see people reach their full potential and it pains me to see people fall short, on that front, simply because writing may not be one of their skills. My copy and content writing services in Leeds are for anyone who needs a hand expressing themselves.

Get in contact by calling 07979 107 792 if you need a writer to help you make the most of a job application, a website or other such written work, or send me an email explaining what you need.

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What is the process?

My copy and content writing services in Leeds follow a simple two-step process, wherein we discuss the scope of the work required before I put pen to paper:


To begin, we’ll have an in-depth consultation, in which I’ll interview you and discover things about your personality and about what you’re looking to achieve with your content. We’ll discuss your needs and the timescales you’re looking to stick to, before agreeing a fee.


Drawing on all of my experience and knowledge, I’ll get to work on writing up your content or copy in a way that flows, is grammatically sound and appropriate in tone. At the end, I’ll present you with a completed copy of the required document.

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What do content and copy entail?

Content and copywriting are, in essence, very similar. They involve writing in order to achieve a particular purpose or result. The difference is that content writing is designed, primarily, to entertain and educate, whereas the specific purpose of copywriting is to sell and persuade. Which of these disciplines I’ll employ, with my content writing services in Leeds, will depend on the kind of document you’re looking for.

Content writing

As previously mentioned, content writing is designed to educate and entertain, so these will likely be more long-form pieces, injecting more humour and personality, such as:

  • Blogs
  • News Articles
  • Novels
  • E-books
  • Tutorials


Copywriting is a bit more straightforward than content writing, as it is designed to persuade, so it will generally be shorter, snappier and easier to read. These pieces are generally, a lot harder to write.

  • Webpage Content
  • Sales Articles
  • Advertising
  • CV Writing
  • Job Applications

If you require professional copy or content writing services in Leeds, feel free to get in contact now by calling me on 07979 107 792 or sending me an email at for a FREE, no-obligation consultation.






What are the benefits of a content or copywriter? 



In the digital age in which we now live, engagement is absolutely everything. My background isn’t just in writing but, as a management professional, in reading and absorbing various educational documents also. Properly written documents make a huge difference to how a person engages with your content.



If you’re running a business, or applying for a role anywhere in the working world, you need to present yourself with as high a degree of professionalism as possible. Spelling and grammatical errors instantly make you come across as unprofessional and can make people doubt your suitability for a role.



Properly written documents are far more successful when it comes to applications than improperly written ones. “Improper” can refer to tone, spelling, grammar, sentence structure et al. I ensure that all of these bases are covered and that your CV or application is written in a way that gets you noticed.






Free Consultation

If you require either copy or content writing services in Leeds, give me a call on 07979 107 792, or send me an email at, to discuss what you need and arrange a consultation, where we can work out what will suit you best.

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